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An object is placed 35 cm away from a convex mirror with a focal length of magnitude 15 cm. What is the location of the image?

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2) The branch of physics that deals with the motion of objects and the forces acting on them is called:

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3) What is the name of the model of the atom that describes electrons as orbiting the nucleus in specific energy levels?

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4) When light of a certain frequency is incident on a metal surface, no photoelectrons are emitted. If the frequency of the light is increased, what happens to the stopping potential?

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5) A missile is launched with a speed of 75 ms-1 at an angle of 22° above the surface of a warship. Find the horizontal range achieved by the missile. Ignore the effects of air resistance.

[Take g = 10 ms-1]

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6) Which of the following is a derived unit?

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7) A relative density bottle has a mass of 19 g when empty. When it is completely filled with water, its mass is 66 g. What will be its mass if completely filled with alcohol of relative density 0.8?

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8) The surface temperature of a swimming pool on a warm day is 25oC and the temperature at the bottom is 15oC. If the swimming pool has a surface area of 620 m2 and a depth of 1.5m. Find the rate at which energy is transferred by conduction from the surface to the bottom of the swimming pool.

[Thermal conductivity of water (k) = 0.6071 Wm-1K-1]

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A metal sphere is placed on an insulating stand. A negatively charged rod is brought close to it. If the sphere is earthed and the rod is taken away, what will be the charge on the sphere?

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10) Which of the following is a type of incandescent light source?

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A travelling wave of amplitude 0.80 m has a frequency of 16 Hz and a wave speed of 20 ms−1

Calculate the wave number of the wave.

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12) A 400 N box is being pushed across a level floor at a constant speed by a force P of 100 N at an angle of 30.0° to the horizontal, as shown in the the diagram below. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor?

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13) On a particular hot day, the temperature is 40°C and the partial pressure of water vapor in the air is 38.8 mmHg. What is the relative humidity?

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14) A step-down transformer is used on a 2.2 kV line to deliver 110 V. How many turns are on the primary windings if the secondary has 25 turns?

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15) The number of holes in an intrinsic semiconductor

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An object 40 cm high is 30cm from the pinhole camera. If the height of the image formed is 20 cm. What is the distance of the image from the pin height?

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Which of the following thermometers measures temperature from the thermal radiation emitted by objects?

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18) A lorry accelerates uniformly in a straight line with acceleration of  4ms−2 and covers a distance of 250 m in a time interval of 10 s. How far will it travel in the next 10 s?

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A piano wire 50 cm long has a total mass of 10 g and its stretched with a tension of 800 N. Find the frequency of the wire when it sounds its third overtone note.

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20) The near point of a patient\'s eye is 50.0 cm. What power (in diopters) must a corrective lens have to enable the eye to see clearly an object 25.0 cm away?

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21) Rainbow formation is as a result of the combination of which of the following phenomena?
(i) Reflection
(ii) Dispersion
(iii) Total internal reflection
(iv) Refraction

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22) Which of the following materials is a good insulator?


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Which of the following is NOT a limitation of experimental measurements?

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Which of the following is NOT an example of elementary modern physics?

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25) Which of the following liquids has the highest surface tension?

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The terminals of a battery of emf 24.0 V and internal resistance of 1.0 Ω is connected to an external resistor 5.0 Ω. Find the terminal p.d.

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27) The working of the beam balance is based on the principle of___

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A generator manufacturing company accidentally made an AC generator instead of a DC generator. To fix this error,

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An explosion occurs at an altitude of 312 m above the ground. If the air temperature is -10.00°C, how long does it take the sound to reach the ground?

[velocity of sound at 0oC = 331 ms-1]

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30) How much work is done against the gravitational force on a 3.0 kg object when it is carried from the ground floor to the roof of a building, a vertical climb of 240 m?

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