GST 102 Practice Questions and Answers

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GST 102 Practice Questions and Answers

GST 102 Practice Questions and Answers

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1) The purpose of reading includes all except ____

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2) The stages in Essay writing include all of these except _________

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3) Identifying main ideas and deriving a successful comprehension requires all of these outline except ___

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4) Pink and Thomas believes that a ______must be “a record of observed fact”

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5) ______believes that “communication is a process whereby facts,figures,ideas,creativity,information,thoughts,feelings are conveyed to,shared with,transmitted from one person to another such that the two persons understand each other and react accordingly

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6) we can develop good academic writing skills through all except ____

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7) ___is an attempt of representing speech graphically,it’s also often related to literacy

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8) The use of pictures,posters,maps,advertisements,billboards and road signs is classified under _____

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9) _____is the fastest method of communication between people

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10) A good Essay should start with ____,_____and _____

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_____involves leaving a space or two after the normal margin in such a way that the subsequent lines of the paragraph commence at the normal margin

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12) The stage which involves revising and editing what one has written is called ______

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13) To process Communication,which of the chain below is appropriate?

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14) ____is the reading process whereby the reader is primarily motivated by the need to locate specific or given points,words or concepts,as the case may be.

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15) ____includes soliloquies,thinking,deciding m,remembering and day-dreaming

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16) _____focuses on sending the message and receiving a feedback which is analyzed to ensure that the message was received and understood.

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17) Academic writing must have all of these features except ____

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18) _______involves writing down all the ideas gotten from brainstorming

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19) The rapid way of accessing information through a text is called_____

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20) _____is a form of expository prose in that it exposes the writer’s understanding of an idea and demands the full services of logical reasoning and critical judgment in choosing and defending a view point

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21) According to Seow(1996),there are ____stages of writing

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22) R.A Masagbor explain ______in this manner: “It aims to expound,or to explain”.In other words,it tells how something or an action is done

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23) A good ______should incorporate the three elements of a narrative viz: character,setting and discovery.

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24) _____is a type of communication where words are not used,it’s usually through a sign language.

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25) Announcements,instructions,news on radio,television and advertisements is an example of ___



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