PHY 102 Practice Questions and Answers

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Welcome to PHY 102 Practice Questions and Answers

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PHY 102 Practice Questions and Answers

PHY 102 Practice Questions and Answers

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The electric potential difference between the ground and a cloud in a particular thunderstorm is 1.2 x 10 ^9 V. What is the magnitude of the change in energy (in multiples of the electron-volt) of an electron that moves between the ground and the cloud?

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Two point charges 1C and -1C are placed 5mm away from each other forming a dipole. What will be the field intensity at a point 15cm away from the dipole on its axis?

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______ has a negative (-) charge and is located outside of the nucleus in a electron cloud around the atom

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All of these are type of resistors except ____

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Two electric field ___

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The algebraic sum of all the electric charges in any closed system is _____

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The unit of Electric flux is ____

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_____is a circuit in which the resistors are arranged with their heads connected together,and their tails connected together

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The relationship between the voltage (v) , resistance (R), and the current (I) is V=IR ; this is known as ____

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Electric current is measured using a device called ____

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The distance between two nearest crests or troughs is called ____

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Factors that affect the resistance of a wire include all except _____

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_____states that the total electric flux out of a closed surface is equal to the charge enclosed divided by permittivity

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The number of vibrations or disturbance produced in one second (unit time) is called ____

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The electric field at a point on the perpendicular bisector of a dipole is directed?

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A uniform electric field of magnitude E=100N/C exists in the space in X-direction. Using the Gauss theorem calculate the flux of this field through a plane square area of edge 10cm placed in the Y-Z plane

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Two capacitors ( 0.30 and 0.5 uF ) are connected in parallel. What is their equivalent capacitance?

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Two opposite and equal charges formed a dipole whose dipole moment is about [6.4 x 10^-24]cm.

calculate the maximum torque this dipole would experience in an electric field of [3.2 x10^6]NC^-1

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_____is defined as an imaginary line drawn in such a way that the direction of its tangent at any point is the same as the direction of the electric field vector E at that point

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A pair of point charges with equal magnitude and opposite sign (a positive charge q and a negative charge -q) separated by a distance d is called _____

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Audio and radio signals carried on electrical wires are examples of ___

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A uniform electric field of 1000N/C points to the left as shown.

what is the difference in potential (VC-VA) between points C and A ?

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It’s clear that the masses of the proton and neutron are nearly the same while the electron is about _____

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Protons have magnitudes of charge ______

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_____ is the unidirectional flow(one way) of electric charge, or a system in which the movement of electric charge is in one direction only

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A uniform electric field of 1000N/C points to the left as shown.

what is the difference in potential (VB-VC) between points B and C ?

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The magnitude of the electric force between two points charges is directly proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

The law above satisfies _____

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The region of space in which a charge would be acted upon by an electric force is _____

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The proton and Neutron occupy the center of the atom system and are referred as the ______

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A point charge of magnitude 2uC is moved through a distance of 0.02m against uniform field of intensity 25Vm^-1. Calculate the word done on the charge

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Electric dipole moment p is described as ____

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If a 100W light bulb is on for two hours each day, and energy costs 0.10perkW-h , how much does it cost to run the bulb for a month?

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All of these are properties of conductors except ____

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Factors affecting capacitance include all except ___

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The electron and proton of a hydrogen atom are separated by a distance of [5.3 x 10^ -11]m, find the magnitude of the electric force between the two particles

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Charge is denoted as ____

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The structure of atoms can be described in terms of three particles from the option below except _____

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Mass of Proton equals ______

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Three cells of emf 3V and internal resistance of 0.6 are connected in parallel in order to reduce the potential difference across the circuit. Calculate the effective internal resistance of the cell ?

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_____don’t  let election move around within the materials freely



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